Departments & Units

International Cooperation

The department is concerened with all communications and collaboration between the international agencies and the preparation of Any Internation collaboratve operation and the update between member states and international partners.

Information & Operations

The Analysis of the ​Intellegence and the information obtained by the different liason officers and agencies and the prepation of reports to be shared globally is the main function of the department

Early Warning & Monitoring

An evidence-based, data-driven decision-making department which deals with studying the new emerging narcotics and provide reports based on their dangers, components and how to monitor their spread.

Chemichal Precursors

The goal of this department to work with domestic and international partners to target the drug and chemical trafficking organizations most responsible for the production, distribution, and diversion of precursor chemicalsis to reduce their supply.

Database & Systems

Directing and performing all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment falls within this department. The link between the member state countries and the rapid secured encrypted connections are one of the many tasks ran by this department.

Training & Studies

Training and development specialists who plan and administer programs that improve the skills and knowledge of officers and counter narcotics agents and staff of member state countries.